Tryst with my favourite metal >>Silversmithing with Liz @ Sydney Art School

Remember the Silversmithing course in Sydney Art School, I told you all about?  So I went ahead and took the beginner’s class, where they teach you to make a ring.

Little did I know when I signed up for this, that I’d come back home so awestruck by the entire process. No wonder artists look so content in their self-made  world. 🙂 I’m still buzzing by the awesomeness of it all!

So, Liz , the teacher, is this petite South African lady, who has immense patience and helps her students to create magic.  I am yet to meet another person who is so lavish with praises.  I am not going to talk more about her, for I want to do an exclusive on her. An artist of her calibre deserves more and not just a ‘by the way’ mention on this blog.  For the ones looking for  more  information, I’d say you must take these classes because of her. Her style and method of teaching is fun, educative and inclusive. Moreover the studio has a wonderful vibe about it , with easels in the main room,  little sculptures and paintings made half way through, and the aroma of coffee from the kitchen not to mention all the hammering ! 😀

I must add that I have renewed respect for all independent artists and hand-crafted jewellery! I can now fully well imagine the hard work that goes into making a piece from scratch.

So here are select few pictures from the tryst with my favourite metal!  I promise you a lot more in the coming months. Have fun!

So long then, silver people. Keep shining.