Join Simone Walsh’s ‘Handmade Movement’

I am  in complete awe of Simone Walsh’s handmade silver jewellery. When I read about her, I realised where she drew her inspiration from.  For a person who lives in a place that’s not short of being called “heaven’, or what Sydneysiders call – Blue Mountains, it must be an endless source of creative energy.

Simone is also highly qualified and trained in the field of  jewellery design. She strongly advocates  the ‘handmade movement’  to

support independent designers and artisans who have worked hard to develop their skills and knowledge and who play a role in keeping these often ancient skills alive into the future.

(As she writes on her website)

All her creations are  beautifully crafted, intricate and immaculate. You cannot call a piece of art ‘perfect’ in a strict sense of the word. But Simone’s creations are indeed flawless. Here are select few creations that I completely loved.

These are just a few. You must visit Simone Walsh’s website to see all her exquisite  pieces. All her jewellery featured on the site have been explained with little details on the inspiration behind it, the process involved in making them and the metals used.  She ships within Australia and internationally and all her jewellery comes with a ‘Happiness Guaranteed’ tag 🙂 . Also, do take time to click on her ‘Environment & Ethics‘ tab, to know how she is in many ways making a difference to our environment, and do your bit or learn how you too can make this Earth a better place to live in.  Yes jewellery designers and buyers too can do their bit –  read to learn how!

Have a rocking weekend!