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Join Simone Walsh’s ‘Handmade Movement’

I am  in complete awe of Simone Walsh’s handmade silver jewellery. When I read about her, I realised where she drew her inspiration from.  For a person who lives in a place that’s… Continue reading

Budding Jewellery Designer in Bangalore >> Amrita Ghosh

Amrita Ghosh is an ex-colleague of mine . She is also a tea enthusiast like me. An avid reader and world traveller, she is one of those lucky few who has travelled to… Continue reading

Unique Indeed >>Krassimira Iordanova’s Anokha!

When I saw Krassimira’s site – Anokha, I knew I wanted to know her, more. I wanted to know what prompted a Bulgarian to set up an online silver jewelery store and stock… Continue reading