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Sneak peak>> What KG shopped in India!

When I see silver, I drool. When I think silver, I start dreaming. And when I wear silver, I feel complete. There really are few things that fascinate me as much as silver!… Continue reading

TIKANCHAY >> Splendid Peruvian Handcrafted Jewelry

I wish I could travel more and see the kind of Silver I love, with my eyes, shoot them with  my camera, and bring a piece back home. Sigh! But I have to… Continue reading

Add some spunk at work

So, you’ve spent half an hour in front of the cupboard trying to decide what to wear, and another half in front of the mirror trying to find accessories that go with your… Continue reading

An affair with silver

If I could, I would be a silversmith.  I’d like to spend all day moulding silver to make trinklets and useless objects to delight my soul. Nothing grasps my attention more than a piece… Continue reading