Featured: Akshatha Rao

Here’s a lovely lady who weaves magic with her fingers.  This young and enterprising designer holds much potential, and that will be evident once you see her creations.  A fashion designer by training, she turned to jewelry design out of passion and love for the art. Here, see for your self –

Red Faceted Coral and silver necklace

Red Faceted Coral and silver necklace Bold orange and Coral turquoise with silver filigree beads.


Agate tumble stone

Agate tumble stone

Turquoise Triangles!

Turquoise Triangles!Mother of pearl with cultured pearls and silver necklace & earrings

Bold orange and Coral turquoise with silver filigree beads.

Bold orange and Coral turquoise with silver filigree beads.

swarovski crystals in grey and black

swarovski crystals in grey and black Agate tumble stone


Mother of pearl with cultured pearls and silver necklace & earrings

Mother of pearl with cultured pearls and silver necklace & earrings


 I got in touch with Akshatha when she was holidaying. I thought life was a perpetual holiday in Zurich,  where she is based out of, anyways.  Soon, we got chatting a little over the email, and in her own words , hear her glittering tale.

Silveratti: When did you first realise that you loved jewellery enough to make them?

Akshatha: I`ve always had a fascination for fashion – clothes, jewelry, accessories. I had a sewing machine by the time I was 10 and could embroider and stitch gowns for my dolls out of left over fabric from my dresses. I used to make miniature jewelry out of anything that was available in the house…and by the time I was in college I made jewelry for myself, but designed way more than I could ever use…so decided to retail!

Silveratti: Are you trained or this come naturally to you?

Akshatha: I`ve done a basic diploma in fashion designing but have had no training in jewelry design. I experiment with different materials and tools and all the trial and error has taught me how to work well with some.

Silveratti:  Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Akshatha: I get inspired by colours and texture and try to create unique combinations and styles in my jewelry. I don’t necessarily follow fashion trends for my jewelry as Id like to think of it as timeless and can be accessorized with summer frocks or saris!! I also draw inspiration from the jewelry of different cultures and pick up stones & material for jewelry while I travel.

Silveratti:  Do you follow any particular genre/style while designing your jewellery? Like modern/contemporary/traditional etc.

Akshatha: I don’t follow a specific genre …however I do like vintage Indian jewelry (not ostentatious yellow gold jewelry) and use precious/ semi precious stones that Indians would normally set in gold, and create them in wire, copper or oxidised filigree silver…giving a totally new effect to the stones and appealing to the younger generation, also making it more trendy and affordable than gold. Another style of jewelry is the one i first started with…glass, copper, crystals and wire using which I create casual wear jewelry that is light to wear and unique in pattern.

Silveratti:  How did the label Axessorize come about? Have you had any exhibitions to popularise your label?

Akshatha: AXESSORIZE  is my interpretation of merging acessories with my name – Axe as my friends like to call me. The name has an edge to it and so do my jewelry, hence the name. 

I’ve had exhibitions while in college in Java City, Safina Plaza and used to retail at Ffolio and Kahawa until a few years ago.  .I took a break and have just created this label in Sept`08. Since then Ive had an exclusive preview just for friends before I moved to Zurich. I`m hoping to start retailing in Zurich soon and again in Bangalore when I`m back later this year. Until then its only available on my website.

Oh, and this is not all. Akshata was the regional finalist in Smirnoff International Fashion Awards in 1999 and her designs were worn by Madhu Sapre & Fleur Xavier. And she also designed Jewelry for Miss India World 2001 Sara Corner for the Miss India contest!

Whoa! Didn’t i say- this lovely lady has plenty of potential?

And those who can wait to buy her stuff till she is back, go here: www.axessorize.etsy.com

Ciao, and keep glittering!