TIKANCHAY >> Splendid Peruvian Handcrafted Jewelry

I wish I could travel more and see the kind of Silver I love, with my eyes, shoot them with  my camera, and bring a piece back home. Sigh! But I have to… Continue reading

Unique Indeed >>Krassimira Iordanova’s Anokha!

When I saw Krassimira’s site – Anokha, I knew I wanted to know her, more. I wanted to know what prompted a Bulgarian to set up an online silver jewelery store and stock… Continue reading

Tea in a Silver pot.

People who know me well, know what a mad ‘cha’ (tea) lover I am. Besides drinking the beverage, I am extremely fond of collecting ceramic teapots. It was in Istanbul at the Leela… Continue reading

Featured Site >>As Cute As a Button

If  you like your clothes tailored for that customised look, I am sure, at some point in time, you must have had this endless quest for the right button. I remember when Ma… Continue reading

Uber chic >> Pebble London

I am a very online person. I send gifts online, socialise online, order books online. However, I’ve never really bought jewelery online.  I’ve always wondered, how one can  decide on buying jewelery based on… Continue reading

Come, see Australia through silver coins!

When I was very young, my grandma gave me a big pouch of coins from Nepal and China, that would help me compete with my brother’s massive stamp collection.  Collecting coins ended as a… Continue reading

Sexy stuff >>Native American Indian Jewelery

I have an affinity towards ethnic silver jewelery, more than the modern sterling variety. I like bold, big, chunky designs, with lots of colours in it. Turquoise, opal, moonstone, are some of my favourites.… Continue reading

Stumbled upon a treasure cove!

I am not the kind who makes dog ears of my favourite books. That’s cruel. And while most of you might be using those boring paper bookmarks, I’ve dug out something really special for… Continue reading

Add some spunk at work

So, you’ve spent half an hour in front of the cupboard trying to decide what to wear, and another half in front of the mirror trying to find accessories that go with your… Continue reading

Look what I found >La Boutique!

I chanced upon this site this morning  and have been sipping cups and cups of cha browsing through their silverware and accessories on display.  La Boutique has been functional since 1957 promoting handicrafts and antiques… Continue reading