Join Simone Walsh’s ‘Handmade Movement’

I am  in complete awe of Simone Walsh’s handmade silver jewellery. When I read about her, I realised where she drew her inspiration from.  For a person who lives in a place that’s… Continue reading

For the hot and hunky!

For the first time on Silveratti, here’s an exclusive post  on accessories for men. Check out my current favourite jewellery designer Divya Thomas’s KarmaSuthra for Men collection.  You gotta love them! . Do… Continue reading

Antique Silver Boxes

My grandmother had a beautiful silver betel leaf-box. It now lies with ma and she stores little trinkets in it. I adore silver boxes, to store precious little things or to just let it sit… Continue reading

The Ketchup Girl blogs for !

I’ve been taking care of this virtual property of mine, with great care.  A little more than my other blogs that are arguably more popular. But Silveratti is more than just a blog.… Continue reading

Budding Jewellery Designer in Bangalore >> Amrita Ghosh

Amrita Ghosh is an ex-colleague of mine . She is also a tea enthusiast like me. An avid reader and world traveller, she is one of those lucky few who has travelled to… Continue reading

Runner’s Jewellery >> From The Silver Maple

Jacquelyn Eidson, or Jac, has an online treasure. I just discovered it. Its called The Silver Maple.  Jac’s space  is as warm and inviting as her. But for one email exchanged, I don’t really know… Continue reading

Exhibition Alert >> Chillad Chandi The Exhibition, in Delhi!

They are back , baby! And this time they are all set to rock Delhi! A sneak peek into what to expect in the Delhi exhibition. Don’t even think of missing it! 🙂… Continue reading

Tribal Jewellery >>Afghan/Turkoman

In my pursuit to research  Afghan tribal jewellery, took me to interesting articles written on Turkoman jewellery.  A piece I read from Anahita Galleryon Turkoman Jewellery,  described them to be  “the most graceful and… Continue reading

Brushed Silver Collection >> ARTipelago

So, a lot of this is hapening to me- thinking of something and stumbling upon stuff related to those thoughts and dreams. May be its a sign for me to start following my… Continue reading

Unique French Hand-crafted Designer Jewellery>> Trésors de France

I think its my state of mind. I’ve been watching a lot of French cinema and that’s perhaps triggering the urge to look for French things. French decor, French art, French food and… Continue reading