Contemporary and singular in design >> Marta Niegowska’s ‘Bilingual’

I have been looking at a lot of contemporary silver jewellery designer’s work, online. They usually are clean, edgy designs with no fuss. I love these designs.  They are artistic , bold in a subtle way and appeal to my senses. One such designer I came across was Sydney based Marta Niegowska, who runs ‘Bilingual’. The online store gets its name from designing unisex pieces of jewellery.

What I fell in love with on her site, were the rings. What’s best about some of these rings are that they can be interchangeably worn as a neck piece too. Fun!

I particularly like  Marta’s contemporary wedding rings. They are beautiful and sleek! A fresh deviation for an Indian like me, who is so bored of looking at ostentatious Diamond and Gold rings. Ugh.

Bilingual offers a custom design service for wedding bands, which involves working together to share ideas so that they can create rings that make a strong statement about your relationship!  How exciting and unique, do you think is that!  How much thought did you give to your wedding ring, really?

Oh, and they are soon going to celebrate their 5th birthday and a ‘Christmas in July’ sale is on, until…erm, tomorrow :-)!  You still have time.

Wishing Marta the very best with Bilingual :-)!

To know more about Marta and see more of her fabulous designs and  her inspirations, do visit her online store.