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In my pursuit to research  Afghan tribal jewellery, took me to interesting articles written on Turkoman jewellery.  A piece I read from Anahita Galleryon Turkoman Jewellery,  described them to be  “the most graceful and elegant jewelry in the whole of Asia’s heartland, the most unusual and fully realized style of ornament”.  Do take time to read the rest of this very interesting write-up, if tribal jewellery and its origins interest you.

I found the best pieces of Turkoman Jewellery on Tribal Muse. They have a truly impressive collection of rare collectible tribal jewellery from all over, like Peruvian, Tibetan, African, Kutchi and Native American pieces.  Below shown are Turkoman jewellery as featured on Tribal Muse.

Most pieces are chunky, ethnic looking with ‘ Lapis Lazuli ‘, which is a blue coloured ancient gem that is said to have healing properties.  Some pieces are from the Hazara tribe too. In all, its been a delight discovering Afghanistan’s tribes, their stunning pieces of jewellery and little stories attached to them. Some of the pieces are handed down from generations and are rare and precious.

Will certainly do a follow-up post on this, with more details. For now feast on this and visit Tribal Muse for lots more.

Afghan Lapis Lazuli Necklaces

Gold Washed Silver Ornaments

Gold Washed Silver ornaments


Chillad Chandi also stocks some very rare pieces of Afghani Silver.

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