Unique French Hand-crafted Designer Jewellery>> Trésors de France

I think its my state of mind. I’ve been watching a lot of French cinema and that’s perhaps triggering the urge to look for French things. French decor, French art, French food and now this – quirky and delicious French Jewellery. Chanced upon this site while browsing on Facebook and loved their stuff instantly. All their jewellery are hand-crafted.

They’re called Trésors de France, or Treasures of France, and are an online store.  They are based out of  Melbourne, Australia. An excerpt from their website:

We, Benoît & Carolyn Panassié, decided to establish Trésors de France (Treasures of France) for our discerning customers to showcase the ‘savoir-faire’ of the French artisan, for which they are renowned throughout the World.

Our exquisite pieces are all handmade in France, are either unique one-off designs or produced in very small quantities which are rarely identical. Regular visits to Benoît’s homeland allow us to maintain personal contact with our established designers and to discover new ones.

Here are a few pictures – all from their site.  Its one of those rare online stores, I really really liked. All the designers featured on this site have very interesting work displayed. I found them, fun, quirky, happy, really different and so French!

Whatcha waiting for? Go on and visit Tresors De France. Now!