Course Alert >> Silversmithing & jewellery making

Don’t just stop at admiring those pieces of Silver. Learn the art of Silversmithing and create little wonders yourself. Sydneysiders, here’s one for you from Sydney Art School .

From Sydney Art School’s website on the course

About this course:
The art of jewelry has been a common theme in art history and has spanned all cultures and continents.
Creating a piece of jewelry is creative and tactile at the same time. The skills required are not intuitive but can be easily learned with proper instruction and equipment.
Individual instruction will be given in this small class by the tutor Elizabeth Wilson.
Liz holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (University of Natal) and has worked for 20 years as an artist/jeweler and jewelery designer. She has worked in collaboration with master jewelers. She is regularly commissioned by private clients, particularly those seeking a unique and artistic piece.

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