Party in style >> Wine Glass Charms

Australia is a wine lover’s dream come true country! And its only in Sydney that I’ve come to enjoy wine and of late have been trying to understand it too. I don’t have a knack for it, but the more I drink, the more I can talk about it, or so I think :D.  At a friend’s over the weekend I saw some beautiful wine glass charms, or identifiers and it reminded me of Anu, for reasons she will know.

These charms are an absolute must have for your parties. I’m going tomorrow to pick one set for the Easter party!

Here are some really cool looking charms I found on Etsy-

make your Party Fun :)

Visit Poka Yoka’s store to buy these and see more!

Sea Shell Charms!

For more see Sarah’s store on Etsy.

Personalised Identifiers...aren't these wonderful?

To make your own personalised set visit Sierra Metal Design on Etsy.

And I fell in love with BBYe Butterfly’s creations! Stunning, gorgeous and absolute must-haves!


Party with Elvis~

You must visit her shop for some absolutely sexy looking charms. Go here.

And Lastly Stein Beim’s colourful set of charms. Simple, sweet and vibrant!